Best Ways to Improve Core Web Vitals

best ways to improve core web vitals

Optimizing website performance is essential for businesses today. In the digital age, visitors expect fast-loading websites with smooth scrolling and seamless transitions. Google has recently introduced the Core Web Vitals metric to measure performance.

This metric determines the page experience score, which affects the website’s ranking on the search engine result page. In this article, we will discuss Core Web Vitals, why website performance optimization is important, and how to improve Core Web Vitals.

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What is a CDN and Why You Need It?

what is a cdn

Google indicated that they emphasize page load speed in their SEO rankings. What’s more, a site that loads in 1 second has a 5x higher conversion rate than a site that loads in 10 seconds.

This means that for 9 seconds of work you stand to make 5x the revenue!

Well, don’t quote us just yet as the math on that might not be exact, but hopefully you can see how crucial page load speed is to any modern business website.

This is where a Content Delivery Network (CDN) comes in. An essential factor for business website performance.

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How to Install Fathom Analytics on Debian 11

how to install fathom analytics on debian 11

Fathom Analytics is the best alternative to Google Analytics. It is an open source web analytics application that offer privacy law compliance and simplicity. Fathom Analytics has a minimalist design and it is written in Go and ships as a single binary file. The installation of Fathom Analytics is pretty easy and straightforward. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Fathom Analytics on Debian 11 VPS.

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How to Improve the Speed and Rank of a WordPress Website


WordPress is one of the most widely-used platforms to host a website. Learning how to improve the speed and rank of a WordPress website is a hot topic these days. With more and more users sharing their ideas online using CMSes, having a WordPress site that stands out is important.

improve speed and rank of wordPress website guide

There are several techniques that you can implement to increase the speed of your WordPress-based website. Fast loading pages improve the overall user experience, increase your website page views, and boost SEO ranks. Therefore, knowing how to speed up WordPress is an essential skill for any webmaster.

Without taking the right actions, you could end up with a sluggish site. That will cause you to lose repeated visitors, subscribers, and customers. In this tutorial, we are here to explain some useful techniques to speed up your WordPress website.

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Does Changing Website Host Affect SEO?

Does Changing Website Host Affect SEO?

Does Changing Website Host Affect SEO? In short, yes it does affect the SEO of a website. Changing the location of your web host can affect your website in several different ways. One of these is SEO and you site’s search engine listing position. Though many believe that location changes only have a minimal effect on a site’s SEO rankings, here are several points that show how the effects can be significant.

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